Overstream.net subtitle downloader

Download any subtitles you want from Overstream.net and save them in SRT format

Created by Ivo Skalický, 2010

How to download any subtitles from Overstream.net

  1. Download Overstream.net subtitle downloader (osd.jar) and run it (java -jar osd.jar)
  2. Find out ID of video you want to download (i.e. http://www.overstream.net/view.php?oid=e2ioe6runviu)
  3. Fill in ID and hit Download button.
    Screenshot of Overstream.net subtitle downloader
  4. Select path and filename, you want to save subtitles to and hit Save button.
  5. Enjoy movie with subtitles :-)

For video download I recommend YouTube Downloader (czech), for video and subtitles playback VLC player. Both are great and absolutely free.

If you like this tool let me know on this chat.